Saturday, January 29, 2005

Home game madness...

Well, had a pretty decent run the last couple days in the $10+$1 SnGs at Party. Won 2 last night and placed second in one today. I really wish I could fins more time to play. I've also been tossing around the idea of playing more than one at a time. I used to multi-table back when I was playing limit, but I find my concentration lags a bit if I am playing more than one table No-Limit.

I decided to start playing the $25 NL tables. I suck at cash games, always have, but I really want to use this to help with my bankroll. My style of play is much more suited to the No-Limit format. So far I've lost one and a half buyins. Not great, but I'm sure it will come around.

I've been invited to 2 home games this week, one is tonight, and one is in the near future. Tonight's game is one I've played in off and on for quite some time. They all play like complete maniacs, and it's actually more of an excuse to drink copius amounts of beer, which I am completely fine with, trust me. The other game is with a bunch of guys from work, who I do not know very well. They saw me surfing poker blogs, and asked me if I played, to which I happily responded yes. Seems like these guys religiously watch the WPT, so it should be interesting.

It's been a hellish week at work this week, I'm glad it's the weekend. I have been trying every night this week to find a Blogger NL Table on Party. But, I don't have many blogger names in my buddly list. Plus I have to go to bed probably too early to play, but I still look.

Been spending a lot of time listening to old music lately, stuff I haven't listened to in years, because I've been trying to import all 2000 of my CDs into my iPod, I've been dusting off some of the old classics. Feels good to listen to some of that music, I get some very vivid memories from some it. Quite nostalgic. Overkill's "I Hear Black", reminds me of the very first time I was in Vegas. I bought the tape while I was there in 1993, and it vividly reminds me of walking through Circus Circus before I was old enough to Gamble.

I've spent the last couple days desperately trying to convince my boss to fly me out to Wilmington, DE next weekend. They're right across the way from Philly, and I can only imagine the party that will be happening out there on Superbowl Sunday. It's pretty cool having co-workers out there, my boss included, as the Eagles fever is very catchy.

I think that's about all for today, talk to you soon, good luck at the tables.