Monday, January 31, 2005

Home Game re-cap...

Whew, what a weekend. Crazy ass weather, all night work phone calls, and an insanely loose/aggressive homegame, and oh so very much beer. My head is still freakin' pounding 2 days later.

On to the game. As you know(all 2 of you), I had a home game to go to on Saturday night. I've been going to this game off and on over the last 6 months, it's certainly not a regular occurrence, but it's ALWAYS crazy. So off I go, to the west side of town to pick up a friend. Little did I know that it was supposed to snow like a mofo out here. What I truly love about the snow is that it turns my car into a 2000lb snow sled, which is oh-so-good for the blood pressure. To top it off, on my way there I get paged for work (yeah, I'm still on call). As I am turning on my friend's street, my car decides it wants to keep going straight, I almost end up in someone's yard, and I yelp out "oh shit" on a conference cxall full of co-workers and management types. Nice huh?

So after surviving my near-death experience, I pick up my friend and deicde to take it pretty slow to get to the game. My slow speed made us about 20 minutes late, but it was no big deal. They were all playing Tiger Woods 2005 on the Playstation 2 for $1 a hole. Damn degenerates. As an aside, I purchased the game on Sunday in order to try and take their money in the future.

The format is pretty simple, $10 buy-in, No-limit, Cash game. 1 $.25 blind(we only had 4 colors of chips damnit.) I know everyone there, there is only one other decent player aside from myself, and some, like my buddy, who have only played Hold 'em once before. I settled in for a lot of folding, and a lot of drinking.

I suffered my first horrendous beat in the form of AK going down to J2o. No biggie, pretty damn funny actually, as the guy didn't even realize he had 2 pair when a 2 spiked on the River. I drank copious amounts of Sam Adams Light, and played some dubious hands from some dubious positions. My poor buddy, was one of those "gotta keep you honest" types. He saw a lot of people bluffing early, and started calling them down later on in the night, when it should have been an obvious fold. I tried to tell him after we left that if he is going to try and bust someone bluffing, don't try it with 10 high.

Later on, I limped in from UTG with A4 of clubs. Guy on the button raises to $1 and I call. Flop is a lovely K of clubs Q of clubs and 7 of clubs. Nothing quite like flopping the nut flush against a pre-flop raiser. I check the flop, dude bets $5, I smooth call. Turn is a blank, he bets big again, something in the neighborhood of $7. I call. I think I maybe should have pushed here, but I wanted to try and extract more out of his, what-I-thought-tobe AK. River is another King. The idea that he has KQ briefly pops into my head, but I dismiss it. He bets like $5, I come over the top all in and he gleefully calls to show me his KQo for the Rivered Full House. Uggg, REBUY!

I made it all back, and came away with about $25 more than I started with. I had a really great time, my friend had a really good time, and even though he was down $30 early in the night, he battled back to win about $5.

On my way home, I was paged by work. Trying to drive in all the snowy weather and talk on the phone after having a few beers is NOT easily accomplished, or recommended for that matter. I ended up getting home around 2am where I promptly logged onto the laptop to help troubleshoot an issue until 9:00am in the morning. And I wonder why I have a fucking headache today?

See you all soon, good luck out there.