Tuesday, January 25, 2005

An introduction...

So, here I am, talking about the silly things that make up my daily life. Mainly Poker, Music, Work and my Wife. Why am I doing this? I don't know, perhaps I've come down with some sort of mental condition. Or it could be, that I'm actually trying to track my progress as a Poker player, while at the same time, making you, the ever-insightful reader, listen to me piss and moan about daily life.

A little about myself, I'm 27, married, and I live in Columbus, OH. I work in the IT industry(I know this is a huge shock), and I hate my everyday job, that usually turns into an everynight job. One of the "hobbies" I've developed over the last 18 months is Online Poker. I'd like to think that over the last year and a half I've improved some. I've read the Two Plus Two Forums, I've read almost every book imaginable, and continued to improve. I really really want to be free of the whole "real job" thing, and become a professional poker player. Even if it's playing 3 tables of $3/$6 every day. that kind of "grind" is far more preferable than 9-5 and being on-call.

Back in September, I was making great strides, moving up limits, building the bankroll, etc. Then I hit a bit of a financial snag, and pretty much had to blow my whole bankroll. So here I am, in January, trying to get this thing started again. I've not played online since the day I cashed out. I've been at it for about two weeks, and it's been, interesting. I've pretty much only played Sit n Gos at the $10 level. I've got probably 30 or so under my belt, and until recently, I'd say I wasn't doing so well.

I started out with a whopping $300, I hope to turn this sum into a future career. Will it happen? Likely not. Some have done it. But, at this point, it's fairly safe to say, that I'm no where near the player they are. Hopefully some of you will find my journey interesting enough to read. Talk to you all soon.