Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My cat-like poker skills...

Well last night was interesting. I went home from work and hung out with the wife for a bit. she had prepared dinner, and makes a huge fuss if I come home and immediately hit the computer for some Poker or WoW. I had steak and potatoes...not very interesting, but tasty. So after my wife left to go hang out with some friends I fired up Party Poker.

I started a $10 + 1 SnG, everything was going fine, I had a fairly good stack and was in 2nd place. All of a sudden, my Cat decides she wants some attention. She deftly hops onto the table and starts rubbing her head against my arm like "pet me motherfucker". I was playing a hand and noticed that I had the Hammer. The guy with the biggest chip stack raises about 10x the BB. I prepare to fold when it gets to me, however, my cat has a different idea. She promptly walks over to the mouse, and sits down right on top of my hand and the mouse, in the process she moved the cursor and made my hand press the left mouse button. So here I am, raising all in, with the Hammer, against the only guy at the table who has me covered, and who isn't a bad player. He gleefully calls me and turns over Cowboys, Pocket Kings, KK, whatever you wanna call it.

Party happily shows him my cards and he lets out a little "lol". I imagine he choked on his own laughter when the flop came A 7 2. The Turn and the River were no help to him, and I severley crippled him. He asked me in chat how I could have possibly made that play. I told him: "I atttribute it to my cat-like poker skills". That got a lot of "lol"s and "haha"s in the chatbox. He was knocked out about 3 hands later. Little did he know, that it was my 16 year old cat, "Dizzy", who cost him $11.