Thursday, February 24, 2005

But, I had the Nuts one card ago...

Holy crap. CJ over at Up For Poker just announced when the next Live Blogger Tournament is taking place. Saturday June 4th, in Fabulous Las Vegas at the Aladdin. I’m so there! Who cares if my 5 year wedding anniversary is a scant 6 days later? I can work this out. I can fly out on the 3rd, and leave on the 5th! I can do this! Can’t I? We’ll have to see what the wifey says, but I’m fairly certain that as long as I can make it back in time to go on whatever Vacation she has planned for our Anniversary, I can go. Two Vegas trips in one summer? I’m not sure my Liver can hold up. It sure would be nice to at least TRY.

So, I’m walking around work today, and I happen to peer into this guy’s office. He has one of those foldout putting greens laid out on his floor, and he’s putting into it from across the room while having an obviously very important meeting on his speakerphone. I want this guy’s job, and I suck at Golf.

I’ve not played much poker recently, which is a goddamn shame. I just haven’t had the couple hours to set aside to play. The last time I played I got 4th in a sit n go, then decided to fire up the $25 No Limit Table. I was only playing about 10 minutes when I catch QJo in my small blind. About 5 limpers and I complete. Flop is 8 9 10 Rainbow. Sooo lovely. I check to try and induce some bets and slowplay. Dude 2 to my left bets out $3. I just smooth call along with 2 others. Turn is an 8, flashing lights and stop signs and every other warning sign you can think of begin going off in my head. I check and the guy 2 to my left pushes all in, he has me covered. Everyone folds around to me and I call. The River is a blank. He flips up 89o for the Turned Full House. FUCK! I’m not sure there was much more I could do about this, but damned if it wasn’t frustrating as all hell.

I’ve been seriously considering going back to Limit play. It seems like so much more of a grind, but my success in the past has been pretty good. I still have yet to understand why so many of the fish play Limit, when it’s all No-Limit on TV. At least I can’t lose my whole buy-in in one hand. I still feel most at home in the Sit n Gos. I seem to do really well in those, even if my results are a bit streaky.

I still haven’t cracked open Super System 2. I suck. What can I say? I am really considering moving my roll to Full Tilt to try and clear that 100% bonus they’ve got going on. I also do not have an Empire Poker account yet, I’ve been seriously thinking of playing over there, but I want to get a Rakeback deal going. Anyone got any idea how to accomplish that? I just feel like I’m throwing away so much money not having one of these deals going on Party.

Not much else going on, I’ve bought a bunch of CDs this week. Including Kreator’s new one: Enemy of God. What a fantastic record, a throwback to 80s thrash metal. Makes me feel young again. My birthday is next Thursday, I’ll be 28 years old. My wife was going to fly me out to Vegas as a surprise, but she isn’t able to go due to her new job. So instead, she is planning a Vegas style party at our house. I’ll be having a poker tournament and lots of booze. Which would pretty much be what I would be doing in Vegas anyway, so no loss right? Besides, now I’ve got 2 trips planned to the city of Sin this year, so I’ll live.

Make sure you guys go check out Iggy’s reposting of the probably the best Trip Report I’ve ever read. I seriously had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at that story. It’s long but well worth your time. I don’t really have much else to say. I’ve noticed a lot of Bloggers going through some downtimes lately. A lot of people getting fed up with the grind, or losing their whole roll in some cases. I hope everything turns around so that all can be right with the world again. I wish I could be all profound with my writing like most of these people are, but I can’t. So I wish them luck so they’ll continue to write. Check them all out on the right over there. Talk to you all soon.