Friday, February 18, 2005

Life sucks...

Many apologies for not posting at all in the last 7 days. Life has taken a turn for the worse, and I'm still reeling.

Last Friday, I went out for a few beers, and afterwards, some Steak n Shake goodness. While I was munching on my buger, I had a sudden wave of dizziness, which often means I am about to catch one hell of a cold. Sure enough, the next day, I wake up with a 100 degree fever and I'm pretty sure somewhere along the way I've coughed up several vital organs. Every year I get like this at least once, coughing up a lung and feeling pretty much like shit for at least 2 weeks. Unfortunately this is my SECOND bout with this hell this year, so I finally relented and went to the doctor. Sure enough, like it's some sort of shock, I have Bronchitis, which can develop into pneumonia if I'm not careful. So I'm taking care of myself properly now.

You must of course realize that this plight would NOT stop me from going to the Suffocation show this past Monday. You know you've married the right woman when you tell her that you're going to see a Death Metal show on Valentine's day, and all she does it shrug and say, "We'll celebrate when you're feeling better". I do love her quite a lot folks. The show btw, was fantastic, but WAY too long. There were something like 6 bands, all good, but man. The length of the show, combined with the 2 hour drive just wears your ass out.

Now on to my sad news. Monday morning when I came into work, I received a message that a woman I used to work with in my former position died the night before. She was 38, had 2 young children, and a husband. She died from pneumonia. I JUST saw her on Friday night when I stopped by work, and she didn't look so good. I remember telling her that she should go home and take care of herself. Sunday comes and she's dead. Dead. 38 years old. Unfuckingbelievable. I JUST saw her.

Life isn't fair folks, good people die every day. I went to the funeral today, I don't like funerals. I haven't been to one since I was in high school. But this was a special lady, I'm really gunna miss her. It's odd, standing there, in the middle of 100 people who all look like a deer in headlights. This was all so sudden, it can't be real can it? She's not really dead is she? Where is the woman who would stroll by my desk and sing Kenny Roger's "The Gambler" to me when she saw me reading Poker Books? Where is the lady who gave me a literal can of "Whoop Ass" to take up and put on my new desk in my new position? This is the same woman who tried to convince me that I should have children with my wife if for no other reason so I can bring someone new into the world with some good taste in music. Deb was a great person, a great friend, wife, mother, and sister. I'm really going to miss her.

Go home tonight and hug your wife, kids, dog, mom, whoever. Just realize that at any second it can all go away, and that you should cherish the time you have with them now.

I'm going to lie down now, I'm mentally and physically exhausted. Talk to you all soon.