Monday, February 07, 2005

Where to begin?

I'm still in full-on recovery mode at this point after what was a CRAZY ass weekend in all aspects of my life. I think perhaps the smartest thing I've done in recent memory was to pre-emptively schedule a vacation day for today. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Is it cool to sort of pre-emptively schedule a vacation day on short notice?

Boss(Who lives right outside of Philly): Like what day, and for what?

Me: The insane Super Bowl party I am going to be attending, and Monday, because I'm not so sure I'll be able to stand up that morning.

Boss: Oh hell, I doubt I'll be here either, so yeah it's cool.

It's nice to have a Football fan for a boss, it's even nicer when HIS team is playing in the Big Game. Now, on to the weekend:

Friday was actually a fairly easy day at work, for which I was truly grateful. I slept a total of maybe 16 hours since the previous Thursday. So I was all too happy to surf all the great poker blogs I have linked up, and just basically take it easy. It's been wierd getting adjusted to my new position, but Friday definitely helped. I had lunch with a Team that I work with on a regular basis, and they're all very cool outside of work. We all hit it off so well, we ended up at Applebee's for Happy Hour. It was nuts, I felt like I had been transported to 6th grade, only there was beer there! A good time was had by all.

Saturday was my planned take it easy day. Which is a damn good thing, since I had a wicked hangover from the night before. I knew that the Poker/Superbowl party I had planned on Sunday was just going to kick my ass, so I was trying to get fully recovered. My wife and I went shopping and hit up Barnes & Noble. I got Super System 2, and a fiction novel about a poker player called Improbable, by Adam Fawer. Those crafty bastards at Barnes & Noble put it in the middle of a display where Super System 2 was, so I was forced to buy it. Forced I say! It's halfway decent so far, although most of the Poker Content so far has been far too "Hollywoodish" for me. But, it seems to present an interesting story. I haven't even cracked open Super System 2. I hope to do a review sometime in the near future.

Sunday, the big day, I woke up far too early, as I had gone to bed Saturday at like 11:30pm from just being exhausted. I got up and played some video games, and then decided to log on to Party Poker! I played a couple SitnGos, I took some insanely wicked beats all weekend in these things. In the 5 I played, I only came in 3rd in one. Ugg. I did however, do fairly well in the $25 NL games. I had even brought myself into the positive at one point, but was disgusted at the lack of money finishes in the SnG realm. I was just about to log off, but decided to check my buddy list to see if anyone was on. Turns out BadBlood was on and playing 2 NL $50 6 Max tables. I had said to myself that I was just going to watch him play for a bit. Of course I ended up sitting down. Did fairly well at first, then I lost over half my stack when my set of 8s ran into a set of Jacks. I was going to try and just get back to even and then log off, but then my Pocket Jacks ran into pocket 9s, which became a set on the Turn. Uggg, $50 down the drain, as if my bankroll wasn't short enough. That'll teach me to play above my means. It WAS cool playing with BadBlood though. We both expressed that there needs to be more Poker Bloggers into Metal.

Funny thing is, I was pretty upset at losing that money, but when I analyzed it later, I got all my money into the middle when I had the best hand. That's really all you can ask for in Poker. I'm actually fairly happy with my play, just not the results. After I logged off, I decided to download the FullTilt software. It looks pretty cool, just not nearly enough players. But that %100 bonus is almost too good to pass up. I am thinking of switching sites to try and clear the bonus there. We'll see how that goes.

The Poker/Superbowl party started at 1pm. I arrived shortly after, and no one was there except myself and the host. No biggie, I helped him get the MASSIVE Taco Bar set up, and the Keg tapped. We sat around and shot the shit about the game, and about Poker strategy. We got started around 2:30pm with 8 people. The format was cash game, $20 buy in, $.25/$.50 blinds, re-buy as many times as you like. And re-buy many many people did. I'd estimate that we had probably $400 total when all was said and done. I walked home with $164. For a cool $124 profit. Had some very big hands to help me walk away with all that cash. One guy, Phil, was just flat out running over the table, and started muscling people around with a rather ample stack of chips. I started calling him Punxsutawney Phil, like the groundhog in groundhog day, because he was just beating us over and over. So first big hand, I find A 10o on teh Button and raise it up to $2, only Phil calls. The Flop is 2 10 J rainbow. I figure I'm in pretty good shape here, so I bet out $2, Phil calls. The Turn is a K. Now I'm a bit afraid, there are a million hands he could have, but with as much as he's been pushing the whole table around, he could easily have just a pocket pair. I try and take the pot down right here and throw out a $10 bet. Phil smoothly calls, and now I'm quite afraid. The River is a blank, and I weakly check. The board reads 2 10 J K x. I weakly check, and Phil nochalantly pushes all-in. I go into the tank, I'm almost positive he doesn't have a Jack. I rule out AQ. But he could have any King, perhaps even K 10. Although, Phil has been pushing around, and has not gotten called one time on any of his all-ins. I say "fuck it" and call him, he flips over pocket sixes. I drag the $70 or so pot. I'm not so sure this was the right move, but I'm certainly glad it proved to be the right read on him.

Another big hand was when I hit a flush on the Turn and the other guy made Trip Aces. That pot ended up being around $90. We finished up soon after that. I don't remember much of the actual Super Bowl. It was a much better game than most of the country expected, which I am always grateful for. the Eagles' time management at the end of the game was TERRIBLE. I'm really not sure what happened there. A great effort was made by both teams, and I had a blast watching them. Hopefully, for Al's sake, Philly will make it back next year.