Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I've always wondered...

When I’m on my death bed, will all the images I’ve forgotten come back to me in a flurry of life? Is that what people mean when they say their life flashed before their eyes? I ask this silly question, because I really don’t remember a whole lot about this past weekend.

Friday was my Birthday Party, all my friends showed up for some drunken debauchery and Poker. Everything was just fine until the “Crown Connection” as I like to call him, showed up. Every year a good friend of mine gives me a nice big bottle of Crown Royal for my birthday. Usually it lasts me the whole year, because I’m not a big whiskey drinker. Not this year baby. As soon as everyone was just a little bit toasty, the shots began to flow like water. Needless to say, I think I need to work on my tolerance. My wife told me about the events that preceded my passing out and throwing up. Apparently, I was playing with my chips, and looking at my cards trying to make a decision. I suddenly looked up and my eyes got real wide. She said I got real pale, and I immediately leaped out of my chair and over my friend and hauled ass upstairs. Approximately 30 minutes later my wife found me on my knees, with my head on my arm, passed out on the toilet. So I’m kind of wondering, if when I die, if my last images will be random moments when I’m praying to the porcelain God?

Enough of me being a retard. I played a little Poker this weekend after recovering from the debauchery of Friday. I continued to lose. I played a Sit n Go, played weak-tight and made 4th. I’m getting quite gun-shy with my new and un-improved bankroll. I need to do some serious studying I think before returning to the tables. I’ve spent a lot of time getting back into the things I used to do more often before I became enamored (obsessed?) with online poker. I got a bunch of new video games for my Birthday, so I’ve been trying to spend some time playing those. Basically, anything to clear my head of poker. I definitely think it’s time for a totally fresh approach. I plan on reading through Small Stakes Hold ‘Em. Finally picking up Super System 2 and reading it, and applying the knowledge in the Poker Tracker Guide to my game. Hopefully it will work out for me. My goal is to get a nice bankroll together for the Vegas trip in June, which I’ve officially RSVPed for. I can already feel my liver quivering in fear.

Last night was the Slipknot/Lamb of God/Shadows Fall show. Was a GREAT time. Shadows Fall’s set was too short, and they didn’t play anything off “Of One Blood” which pissed me off to no end since I love that album. Lamb of God however, absolutely demolished the entire arena. My neck is a wee bit sore this morning after all the thrashing like a maniac I did last night. Slipknot was amazing, they always put on a good show anyway, but with an entire Arena to themselves, they really shined. They played about an hour and a half and I heard pretty much every song I wanted to hear. Was a great time, and well worth the money. The new Bloodbath album and the new Impaled album came out yesterday. I recommend that you immediately run out and purchase them both. You should be able to find both at Best Buy since they are on Century Media.

I think that’s about it from me today. Good luck out there.