Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Make the bad man stop...

Well, I've lost approximately $150 in the last 4 days. It's not been pretty. Serious tilt kicking in, and if it hadn't been for all the fun I've been having at blogger tables, I'd be seriously disgusted right now.

Started playing Limit ($1/$2) again, was doing fairly well my first two sessions, won 5 and 6 BBs respectively. On my third session, I was about about 10bbs, and then something happened. It's like I suddenly became completely retarded. Not only did I lose what I had won thus far, but I tilted away almost my entire buy-in. I could even feel my brain go into full on tilt mode, but I couldn't make myself get up and just stop playing. Uggg, I gotta work on that self control. All I can think about is how high my bankroll was 2 weeks ago. If I'm not careful I'll piss the whole thing away.

I've REALLY been having a good time at the blogger tables. I played an O8 Hi/Lo table with Al and lost most of my buy-in. But the entertainment was well worth it. My theory is, that <Al started drinking so much while playing one night that he started seeing double at the Hold 'Em tables. And naturally just moved to Omaha due to the "comfort" of 4 cards. While playing at this table, 2 days in a row mind you, there was this one woman named PokerBobbie. I think she's stalking Al. She would chase flushes all day, and hit flushes all day. It was unbelievable, she sucked out so many player's buy-ins. Bigtime fish, and Al respectfully asked us not to tap the aquarium so hard, but damned if it isn't frustrating watching someone else hit miracle after miracle.

Played a little No-Limit style blogger table. Benn playing with SirFWALGMan a lot. We're kindred spirits, he and I. Mainly because we both like to whine a whole hell of a lot about our declining bankrolls and bad beats. However, we both have a good time at the tables, and that's what counts. Also met a really cool guy named Bob, I think he knows Al in real life or something. Either way he's a damn funny dude and went out of his way to tell everyone at the table last night that he was a Shark. It's unfortunate that the Shark got fished out of his buy-in by Mr ATM Big Stack. God that guy was an ass. I don't even remember his name, but SirFWALGMan kept calling him "usmoron", so I'm guessing it was something similar. I will continue to play and lose money at these tables, I consider it an entertainment expense.

So, Iggy and Hank have put out a new eBook about how to use Poker Tracker. I've used Poker Tracker for a long time, but I know I've not used it to it's full potential. I'm quite glad to 2 well known figures within the blogging community have decided to put this out. I've already ordered my copy, and eagerly await my access code so I can start trying to put it to good use. You can check it out here.

I think that's all for now. My birthday is Thursday, so if you want to send me some money to suppliment my bankroll that'd be great! Also, next Tuesday is the Slipknot/Lamb of God/Shadows Fall show. I'm quite excited about that. Other than that, everyone have a good time out there.