Friday, September 16, 2005


Still sick. Still sucks. It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the mass quantities of beer I consumed at the Clutch show last night. Not at all.

Not played much poker recently. I did manage to lose my $100 buy in at Caribbean Sun before clearing the bonus. How sad is that? Those NL games are soft, I'm just an idiot. I did start up an Empire account finally. Deposited my $300 on Tuesday. I'm down about $40, but I feel better with a larger bankroll at my disposal. I forgot how insanely great the games were at the Party skins.

The reason for not much poker is two-fold. First, I'm sick. I hate being sick. I get all whiny and bitchy and I don't think clearly when playing so I just avoid it all together. Second, my mom showed up sort of unexpectedly on Wednesday night, so I've been pretty busy with her. My wife gets home tonight after being in St Louis for the last week for training. It'll be nice to have her home again.

I finished the Stu Ungar book. It was pretty depressing, and enlightening all at the same time. Great read, and good life-lesson. He won and lost over 40-million dollars in his career. Good fucking grief. I've started reading the Matt Matros book. I like the way it is written as it's sort of a hybrid between a strategy book and a story book. Easy to read for sure. I'm not too far into it, and the beginning of the book is definitely geared towards beginners, but I just enjoy reading the guy's stories from college and other life-experiences.

Some good news came out of me not being able to go to the Bash at the Boathouse. I can now go see Anthrax in Cleveland the night of the 24th with the original line-up. I know Al and Bad Blood will be proud of me as I am screaming for them to play Medusa from the crowd.

I feel so shitty for having to dip back into my 'regular' funds to replenish my bankroll. The good thing is that the money isn't that big a deal, but it's still frustrating that I've dropped almost the entire original $300 I deposited. That's poker I suppose. The way I lost my final $25 buy-in at Caribbean Sun was just more of the same stupid shit:

I was in MLP with A7 of diamonds. I limp, guy on the button raises to $1, 2 callers including myself. Flop comes Axx with one diamond. He bets $3 and I am the only caller. turn is another blank, and no diamond. I decide to make a stab at it and bet the pot. He takes an insanely long time to call, but does. I figure he has an ace with a weak kicker as well, so my rationale is that I am going to push him off the hand on the River no matter what. River comes Queen. I go all in for about $12, again he takes almost his entire allotted time to make a decision, and with so little time left I figure he is going to lay it down. He does not, and calls me with AJo. This is a classic mistake, and one I cannot seem to get away from. I could have folded to a large River bet easily and saved myself half my buy-in. But once again the poor decisons keep coming. I vow to turn this shit around.

I have a home game this weekend. It's with a bunch of guys I've never played with before and one of my friends. He says that there is one guy that is coming up from Georgia that is a HUGE donator. I hope to make up some of my losses then, after I see my Buckeye become victorious on Saturday afternoon. Until next time, good luck out there.