Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Make it stop...

I've had some losing streaks before. I've had my bouts with variance before. I've seen a lot of pretty big downswings. None of that crap could have prepared me for the absolute ass-raping I've experienced over the past 5 days.

I sit here now with $144 in my bankroll. I've experienced the most ridiculous beats, the most intense tilt, and mass quantities of frustration. My game has gone to complete shit, and I'm just ready to be done with it. I'vew tried playing limit, I've tried playing no-limit. I've played SnGs, Multi-table Tournies. I've tried it all. I can't win at anything.

Just to give you an idea. Last night in a $25 NL game. I get pocket Kings UTG. I raise it up to $2. There is a raise and a re-raise after me. These are fairly typical $25 NL players, so I figure I've got the best hand here. We end up all-in on the Q high flop. Pocket Queens take down the $71 pot. The BB had pocket Aces. Pocket Kings, Queens, and Aces all in the same hand. This is the kind of shit that's been happening to me.

Another example in a $10 SnG. I get pocket 10s on the button. I raise to 200, 1 caller. I suspect he has AK. The flop is J high. I push, he calls. I was right, he has AK. The turn is a Q and the River is a 10 for his Runner Runner straight over my set. I can'take it anymore. My pocket kings go down to QJo when he spikes his 3rd Jack on the River. Aces cracked 4 times. It goes on and on. And now my bankroll is in utter disrepair. $144. My god.

I am going to keep at it, eventually thing have to go my way right? Right?