Friday, September 09, 2005

Pfft, you cannot leave that easily...

So the other day Daddy tried to stop writing in his blog. Stupid ass should've known better. After many comments and some people holding their blogs hostage. Daddy is back! Go to his blog right now and read his 'come' back post.

In other news, I actually won last night. Nothing huge, but about 1 and a half buy-ins at the $25 NL tables at Caribbean Sun. I was patient and made some good plays, I was WAY overvaluing my open-ended straight and flush draws during my pitiful losing streak. Now that I think I've plugged that leak I can return to some normalcy around here. Don't count on it though. Mainly because...I'm not normal.

You know what, I'm having a good fucking day, Daddy is back. It's Friday. My boss just told me that I just got a fucking enormous raise that will take effect on my Oct 1st paycheck, instead of at the end of the year. Obituary and Napalm Death are in town tonight! AND, to top it all off, my Buckeyes play in what could be the biggest game of the season tomorrow night at 8pm vs Texas. I think I'll start drinking right now in preperation. Have fun, and GO BUCKS!!